Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hayden's Room

Here is the other half of the renovation we have been working on.  Hayden's room was the most disgusting room in the house.  Gouge marks on all of the walls and the ceilings; dirty, stained, burnt carpet, you name it, this room had it.  It was awful.  

Here are some pictures of the various stages of renovation.

 Another room in it's pre renovation UGLINESS!
A closer picture of the DOUBLE LAYER of border that had adhered itself to the drywall.  That was an absolute blast to remove.

Carpet removed, window trim removed and walls primed.

Cutie pie helping with the paint.

Walls painted!  This was a custom color that Jake and I created.  LOVE it!

Closet doors out and trim up.

 Carpet in!

Here is a before and after, side-by-side.

The transformation is this room is phenomenal!  It looks completely different from when we moved in.  If it wasn't for the pictures, I would have a hard time remembering what it used to look like.

I'll post more pictures after we put the furniture back in and get it decorated.  Hayden already loves it though!  He spent half the day running around his room and wiggling his toes in the carpet.
I think he is happy to have his room back.  ;)


Jocelyn said...

What a cutie pie little painter you have there!!! His room looks so much different too!!! And I love that you guys did a custom color to get what you both liked:-) I can't wait to see it with everything in!!!

landofnyedom said...

You've certainly been busy! The rooms look great. Bet you'll be glad to have it all done. I hate the unease of having part of your house torn apart. I can't rest til it's done. :)