Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's been a while.....

It's been a while since I posted last...over a month actually!  I have a very good reason for my absence though. We've been tearing our house apart and fixing it up!  We started on Hayden's room and decided to do the living room at the same time to save on carpet installation.

 Here is the living room in it's various stages.

Pre renovation UGLINESS!

Took the faux beams off the ceiling and the room seemed to grow!

Mid renovation we decided that we wanted the paneling down.  Nothing behind the paneling meant that we had to put up drywall.  This added a week to our already scrammed schedule!

 New wall up!  Great job Jake!

 Walls and ceiling primed.

Fireplace primed!

 Ceiling and walls painted.  Balmy seas...LOVE the color.

 Old, gross carpet out, fireplace painted and new trim up!

Carpet in!

For a quick recap....here is the before and after.

We still need to trim out the windows (behind me in this picture) and put up the vent covers and then this room will be done!  
I love to walk in this room and just look around.  
It feels like a warm, sunny day at the beach.


Jocelyn said...

What an awesome difference!!! I absolutely love the color you chose for the room! And with the white and the fireplace...dreamy:-) Keep the pics coming!!!

Delia said...

That is such a soothing wall color. Both transformations are amazing! How exciting!

Jody said...

Wow awesome job! That looks like a lot of work!!