Saturday, February 27, 2010

Alexandria....and some cute pictures

After being cooped up in the house for the past few weeks, then being cooped up in the car for two weekends in a row, we decided to get out today and stretch our legs. We headed to Old Town Alexandria. This is a fun little town that reminds me a lot of Park City, Utah. Cute little shops and restaurants. The biggest difference, is that Park City is backed by mountains and Alexandria is backed by the Potomac River. We walked around town and had a great time enjoying the sunshine. It was still a little cold, but nice to be out of the house.

Riverboat on the Potomac


Not too big for the kitchen sink.

Bailee decided to put "daddy" back to bed after helping me make my bed this morning. Daddy was at the grocery store getting milk and cracked up when he came home and saw this. She even put his CPAP mask on.

This is the view from my bedroom porch. I still can't believe that I live here. It is absolutely beautiful all year round. I will miss the view the most when we move to Maryland.

First Haircut

Hayden got his first haircut on Wednesday. I decided it was time to get a haircut when I got a compliment on what a cute little girl I have. This was a first for both of us, as the girls didn't get their first haircuts until they were old enough to understand the concept of sitting still. At first he tried to keep turning around to see what she was doing and that problem was solved with his very first lollipop. Hayden did remarkably well and only fussed when the stylist brought the clippers up to his ear. Three lollipops later, Hayden was done. He looks like a proper young man now. I am happy to report I have received no more "girl" compliments!

Before haircut

First lollipop

After.....third lollipop

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Snow Days

There is a term out here in Virginia that I have come to despise. "Snow Days" In Utah, this term means any day that it snows. Stores are still open, school is still in session and I would still have my sanity. Here in Virginia it means that apparently the "white death" has infiltrated and is posing a serious threat to the safety of school-age children. Seriously. My girls have been out of school for exactly 12 days in a row and they are currently attending school 2 hours late each morning. It is unreal. We live about as far away from town as you can possibly get with twisting, windy country roads. For the past 7 days, these roads have been impeccably clean and dry. If our roads are this clean, I can't imagine that it is bad anywhere else. Here are a few pictures of the horrible white death that everyone is so afraid of.

Scary isn't it?

Monday, February 1, 2010


This weekend we headed to Massanutten Resort. This place has it all! Snow skiing, mini golf, horseback riding, fishing, hiking and best of all, water slides! Jake and the girls went skiing on Saturday, while Hayden and I hung out at the hotel. Sunday we went to the water park. We went right during Hayden's nap time, so for the most part, he was zoned out. He napped later, while we ate lunch, then woke up for some more fun. We had a blast, but no one liked walking out into the 19 degree weather, from the balmy 84 degrees inside!

Next year, this guy will be on the slopes!

Hangin' out at the lodge

Bailee and Haydo take a dip in the baby pool

I guess that's why they call it the 'Lazy River'...

Daddy and Bossy waiting in line for Flowrider....Bossy chickened out at the last minute!

Daddy the Flowrider!

Two Front Teeth


I was finally able to capture a picture of Hayden's two front teeth. Not the best picture, but those two little nubs are too cute.

National Zoo

Last Saturday we took advantage of the warm springlike weather and headed up to the National Zoo. Word to the wise, do not go to the zoo in the dead of winter. Apparently the animals didn't get the memo that it was a nice day. We saw a few animals, but most were tucked in their warm beds, ignoring the fact that several dozen humans stood ready to snap their pictures. How very rude. We still had a great time. Life is always better when you are out of the house.

Hayden loved trying to grab this squirrel. It was hilarious.

Big Kitty

What the heck kind of animals are those?