Friday, March 9, 2012

While the Cat is Away....

....the mice get busy!

Last week, Jake was in Utah skiing.  We had agreed no more painting and etc until this summer, but I got bored for a few minutes and decided to bust out the roller.  I got the girls on board and here is what we did...

 Bostyn's weird greyish/brownish/purplish colored room

Lavendar on three of the walls

Cutting in the ceiling and corners

The beautiful AFTER...3 lavendar walls and one purple wall

Her awesome hot pink and polka dot dresser!

Before and after

Then I moved downstairs to the powder had an ugly rag paint look that was a mix of brown, pink and yellow....shudder.

 I painted a really nice SOLID yellow

Before and after

Then about an hour before Jake arrived home, I decided to tackle the laundry room. 

Cutting in around these shelves was a PAIN!

After!  Nice relaxing blue....since I spend so much time in here.

Before and after

Everything obviously needs decorating and finishing touches, but just having a fresh coat of paint on the walls makes a huge difference.  I can't wait until spring, so that I can move my attention outside.  Yardwork has never sounded so fun!  


landofnyedom said...

Want to do my house next? :) Projects definitely make the time go faster when the hubby is away. The rooms look great! :)

Alison @ Oopsey Daisy said...

WOW!! You were busy!!!

Jocelyn said...

You have been on a roll! LOL! Yes that pun was intended:-) I love all the colors that you chose. Everything always looks better with a fresh coat of paint!!!