Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ride this train....

These days, Hayden is digging trains. He reads about trains, plays with trains and wouldn't stop talking about riding in a train.

After some research, I found out that we live close to a historic, still operating train!

When we boarded the train Saturday, there were some pretty sketchy characters hanging around the ticket office.

One even resembled the outlaw Jesse James.

He pulled a knife on me when I mentioned I saw his face on a wanted poster. Oops!

This guy was hanging around Jesse....called himself Evil Tom McGinnis

A few more sketchy riders....

In the middle of our ride, the train broke down, so we entertained ourselves by taking goofy pictures.

The train got going again, but unfortunately, we were being robbed!! Turns out the sketchy character really was Jesse James and he was looking for cash and jewelry.

He even took pearls from a baby. What a monster.

Lucky for us, there happened to be a sheriff nearby.

He caught both criminals, but they started shooting, so he had to shoot them both.

They fought the law....and the law won.

After our exciting train ride, we walked around the train yard for what seemed like hours and checked out the other trains.

Minutes after this picture, we had to carry Hayden to the car screaming.

He could have stayed there all day.

I guess that means it was a successful trip?


kim said...

Oh my goodness, that looks like it was a ton of fun! I love the last picture especially, so cute! I wonder if they have something like it around here? Ben would be in heaven :)

landofnyedom said...

Fun! Carter loved trains at that age too. Gotta love the tears after a fun adventure. Carter just says it wasn't any fun, when 5 minutes earlier it was the best day ever. :D Silly boys.