Thursday, June 16, 2011

The End is Here


School is over and the girls are moving up!

They'll both be in middle school this fall.


Two kids in junior high. Where does the time go?

Yesterday was Bostyn's graduation celebration.
Before the ceremony, the kids walked around the school, while the rest of the school clapped them out. It was really neat.

The clap out

Bostyn getting her "diploma"

Officially a 6th grader!!

So proud of my little girl.

Both girls finished out the year with straight A's. We are so incredibly proud of them. Montgomery County is the number one county in Maryland for public education, so getting straight A's was no small feat.

In other news, Bailee received an award on Tuesday in math. She in is the top 5% in her grade.

Congratulations Bailee and Bostyn! You have made your mom and dad so proud!

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landofnyedom said...

Congrats to both your girls for doing so well! Can't believe you'll have two in junior high. Also can't believe mine will all be all day next year. :) I just want to freeze this stage of life.