Monday, March 21, 2011

Check up

This is what happens when Hayden gets bored.

Mom gets creative.
After waiting for the doctor for AN HOUR, I had exhausted all my options.
It came down to my camera.
I let Hayden snap some pictures.

Terrible picture of me, but hey, I'm usually the one behind the camera.

Mom's turn.

Hayden took about 2 dozen photos and then we decided it was time to open the door and look for the doctor.

Hayden's stats: 36 inches - 28 pounds

Hayden went from being a huge monster baby to an average toddler.

If there is any truth to the old wive's tale that you are half your height at 2, Hayden should be 6 feet tall when he is grown.

Hayden is perfectly healthy and I do recall the doctor commented on his above average intelligence. He must get that from me.


laura said...

He totally gets his smarts from you, Brandy! Good for you on surviving that horrible wait!

landofnyedom said...

HATE when you sit there waiting forever, especially when you have an appointment! Hello! Either space the times farther apart or get movin'! :) So glad for technology to help entertain ourselves and the kids when we do have to wait though.