Wednesday, March 9, 2011


We've been celebrating Hayden's birthday in grand style. His first celebration was Saturday night at his Grandma Jeanette's house.

It was a dual party, because Grandma's birthday is the day after Hayden's.

I made a cake and we sang "Happy Birthday."

Hayden didn't know what to think. He kept staring at us like we had all just escaped from the loony bin.

Sunday we took some long overdue family pictures.

The celebration continued when Hayden opened his presents from Chuck and Jeanette. He took one look at this backpack and fell in love. He wheeled it all over the house. Grandma even put treats and an outfit inside.

He really loved the outfit. Can you tell?

Then Monday, on his actual birthday, we celebrated again as a family. This was Hayden's first experience with blowing out candles. He didn't know what we were doing lighting his cupcakes on fire at first, but once he figured it out, he loved it! We let him blow out the candles a few times.

After the cake came the presents. He LOVES his new Little People farm.

In a few weeks, I'll post the last portion of celebrating, because we are planning a big western style bash in April to celebrate our little cowboy.

Happy Birthday Jeanette and Hayden!

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Bingham Family said...

Your family is beautiful. I can't believe he is already two. Time flys!