Tuesday, March 16, 2010

St. Patty's Day Parade

On Saturday we headed to Old Town Fredericksburg for a rockin' St. Patty's Day parade! Okay, so the parade was all of 5 minutes and sponsored by the local brewery, but it was free! Did I mention it rained the entire time? Kinda over road the free factor. I'm pretty certain this is the only parade I have ever been to, where potatoes were tossed into the crowd!

Waitin' in the rain....

After the parade, we toured a few cabooses and an old luggage car.....

Sunday, we headed back to Maryland to do a little house hunting. On our way back, I was stunned to look up and see this out the window. Very cool, but it causes a huge snarl in traffic, with everyone trying to sneak a peak at it!

Washington D.C. Mormon Temple (seen from I-495 West heading out of Bethesda)

Then, Monday I decided to drive down a new road and discovered this! It is an exact replica of Mount Vernon! I am dying to knock on these people's door and ask for a tour. I'm sure no one has ever done that before.

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