Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Plus

Bailee got straight A's again! Two quarters in a row now. We are super proud of her. Her school makes a big deal out of getting on the honor roll (which I LOVE) and they make an even bigger fuss out of the kids that get straight A's. Only 33 7th graders made the straight A list.

Bailee with some of the other straight-A honorees

Bailee and her BFF Anelia (also on the straight A list)

Bailee and the principal Mrs. Boucher

It was Hippie Day at Bailee's school that day, hence the crazy hair and tie dyed shirts!

Congratulations Bai!
We are super proud of you! Keep up the awesome work!


landofnyedom said...

Great job! That's great the school makes such a big deal about it. :)

Charity said...

Go Bailey! Great job, and keep up the good work :)

Kim said...

That is awesome! Hope my kids love school....I worry about Ben sometimes :) Keep up the good work Bailey!