Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Happy Valentine's Day...again!

We celebrated Valentine's Day as a family. I cooked our favorite meal with all the trimmings.

Pot roast, potatoes & carrots, gravy, and homemade rolls.

This was our dessert. Red velvet cupcakes with heart cut-outs and homemade cream cheese frosting. TONS of work, but don't they look awesome?! Found the idea here.

Instead of a giving Jake a corny red box of chocolates from the store, I made him a corny blue one from a cereal box. Also TONS of work. Inspired by this idea.

The girls each gave daddy a hand-painted frame and I took pictures of them to go inside. Jake gave me the jewelry box and some beautiful flowers.

Jake gave the girls each a bucket with some coupons for a date night, dinner out, ice cream and an activity date. The girls were so excited and were asking a million questions about the coupons. The main question being, "How soon can we use these?"

And all Hayden got was this shirt. He was thrilled...can't you tell?

The weathermen have been teasing us with reports of spring-like temperatures this weekend. Maybe my blog will go back to being family activity based and less artsy craftsy? I'm sure hoping so!


laura said...

Wow, Brandy! I love how beautiful and loving everything was for Valentine's Day at your house! Can I come live with you? :) I loved the cupcakes, especially (no surprise there). :)

Charity said...

Aw, such an awesome valentines day! What did James get? A haircut :) Present for both of us, I guess. ;)

landofnyedom said...

Wow. You really have been all crafty lately. What can I say? I've finally been catching up the kids scrapbooks. But the weather is starting to get nicer. Maybe we'll be playng outside soon. :)

Delia said...

You did a fantastic job! You are such a fun sweet Mom!

Linda and Kameo~ Blu Embellish said...

Love those red velvet cupcakes. It's nice to celebrate Valentine's Day as a family. Great Job Brandy !