Thursday, December 31, 2009


What a wild past few weeks we have had! For starters, the east coast was hit with the biggest storm they've had in 13 years. We live in a beautiful house right on the Potomac River, but we didn't feel it was the ideal place to ride out the storm, so we headed to Culpeper to Jake's parents farm. After the storm...meaning 3 days later...we were finally able to head home. The schools and federal government offices were shut down, which was nice, but it also meant the girls' Christmas break started 2 days earlier than expected. It also meant that I had to do ALL my shopping on Christmas Eve with all the other idiots. However, with the girls home, I was able to get all my baking and sewing done.

My parents and favorite brother came in Christmas Eve/Christmas morning at midnight. We all had a midnight snack and went to bed. Christmas morning brought lots of presents and even more wrapping paper. Jake and I got a GPS system from parents and a baby hiking carrier from my grandparents. Best two gifts ever! After breakfast, we headed to the Miller Farm to open more gifts.

The day after Christmas, we all headed to Monticello. This is Thomas Jefferson's home. It is absolutely stunning. That man was a true genius.

Sunday we headed to yet another Miller farm, this time Uncle Mike's, for the annual Miller Christmas Party. All the kids had a blast. It was fun to catch up with all the Miller's scattered everywhere.

On Monday Jake and I received the best gift of all. My parents watched ALL THREE kids overnight, so that Jake and I could have a night away. We went to a brand new, beautiful hotel in Bethesda. We had a nice dinner, then stopped at the most FABULOUS cupcake shop! It was bitter cold and the wind was howling, so walking around town was quickly thrown out the window. Gratefully, our hotel had a hot tub. What an awesome gift! Thanks Mom and Dad! And thanks especially to the Baby Chauffeur! ;)

This year has flown by and I cannot believe how much has happened. Our family has truly been blessed and I have much to be thankful for. I have a wonderful husband and three healthy, beautiful kids, awesome in-laws, fantastic parents and the best brother anyone could ask for. I am one lucky gal. Happy New Year to everyone!

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