Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Southern Side

So....for all of you that have been anxiously waiting, here it is.......

We are moving to Virginia!

Here is the deal. Jake has been offered a job with the CPSC in Bethesda, Maryland. CPSC stands for Consumer Product Safety Commission. They develop all the safety requirements for all consumer products, so basically anything you could buy at Walmart. We will be living in Stafford, Virginia. We are all very excited, but sad to leave our old lives behind. We are leaving lots of wonderful family and friends. However, we are very excited to be close to Jake's family and make new friends!

Stay with me here......

Jake will be leaving Utah on September 13 to fly back to Maryland. He will be working back there for two weeks and will fly home September 28. During that time, I will be packing the house up. When Jake gets back to Utah, we will spend the next two days loading the moving truck. On October 1st, we are all headed to Reno for Jake's brother's wedding. On Friday, the 2nd, my parents will head to Virginia with the moving truck and my car. On Monday, the 5th, me, the kids and Jake's mom will be flying from Reno to D.C. Jake and his dad will be flying back to Utah to pick up our truck and boat. They will head out to Virginia on Tuesday. My parents should be getting to Virginia on or about the 6th and we will start unloading the moving truck. When Jake and his dad get into town, we will have a few days to spend with my parents, before they leave on Sunday the 11th.

Whew! Did you get all of that?

Here are a few pictures of where we will be living......

This is a picture looking off our back deck..

This is one looking back toward the house. Ours is the one with all the windows on the back.

We are really grateful to be staying in Jake's grandparents old house. They have built a beautiful new home in Orange, Virginia and are letting us stay in this one.

This was a major decision for us and it was not easy. We have prayed hard and feel confident that this is where our family is supposed to be. We will miss Utah and everyone in it, but are looking forward to the new chapter in our lives.

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