Tuesday, January 10, 2012

December Recap

December was a busy month. Between packing, cleaning, moving and starting a new job, it was Christmas before we knew it. Here is a look back at our crazy month.

December 2nd we went to the town tree lighting....and were promptly ditched by the kids.

December 3rd Bailee celebrated her 14th birthday with 26 of her closest friends.

I made this cake without letting anyone know what the inside looked like.
I think it turned out pretty great!

December 4th we chopped down the perfect tree.

December 7th I started a new job. I work part-time for a local water cooler company. I do sales and marketing. It exactly what I have been needing. I LOVE it!

December 10th we went to a Santa breakfast at church.

December 13th we decorated that perfect tree at our new house.
Pretend that it isn't leaning in this picture. :)

December 1st through the 15th I packed a bazillion boxes.

December 15th Bailee FINALLY got her braces off! Gorgeous!

December 22 my favorite brother flew in.

December 23 my parents arrived.

December 24 we finished up our shopping and went to see the girls perform in the Pageant at church. Bostyn was a narrator and Bailee was one of the wise people.

After the pageant, Bailee realized that she had thrown her retainers away at lunch....at Panda Express.....30 minutes away. We drove back to the restaurant and rooted around the dumpster for about 20 minutes until THANKFULLY my mom and Bostyn found them!
A Christmas miracle!
After our disgusting adventure, we played games and ate snacks until we were so exhausted that we collapsed in bed.

Christmas was a blast. We opened presents by the fire and relaxed. My mom and I made a ham lunch with all of the trimmings. After a late lunch, we headed down to the farm to spend some time with Jake's family.

I don't have pictures of anything else, because my camera battery died. Mostly we just hung out and enjoyed each other's company. Jake and I weren't feeling very good on New Years, so we stayed home. We mostly sat around and waited for the ball to drop. As soon as it dropped, so did we....right into bed.

We are looking forward to an awesome 2012!
So many things to look forward to!


Jess Judkins said...

How did you make that cake? It looks amazing!

I rooted through garbage cans @ the food court in the mall one time. I worked at McLean Bible Church and I took one of my students out to lunch and she threw away her retainer and her moms car keys. Needless to say both were to expensive to replace so rooting through trash we went. Thankfully it wasn't to far in the trashcan

Jocelyn said...

I still love looking at that cake!!!! Gorgeous job!!!!

Delia said...

Can I tell you how amazing that cake is!? I wish I could just hire you to make my cakes for all my parties. :)

Looks like you had a good Christmas.