Monday, November 14, 2011

We had a super full weekend....I think we were at home a total of 8 hours all weekend!

On Saturday Jake and I were thrilled to be able to attend a service at the National Cathedral in D.C. We watched them consecrate the new bishop of the Episcopal Church.
Beautiful service in a magnificent building.
The earthquake back in August did a lot of damage and Saturday was the first day that it had been opened back up to the public.

Inside the main hall

Looking back from the front in the main hall

New bishop - Mariann Edgar Budde

Front view of the cathedral

After the service, we met up with some friends and had lunch at a great Mexican place. Delicious food, but trying to get the check paid was quite the adventure!

Bright and early Sunday morning we were off to Bailee's soccer game.
This was their final game in the championship and they WON!

Bailee(#25) in striker position....setting up for a goal.....

...Bummer! The goalie caught it.

Poolesville Explosion

They finished the season with 6 wins and 2 ties and were the league champions! Awesome!
Bailee was the new-comer to this team and played like she had always been with them.
It was so much fun to watch her play....yes, even on the cold, windy days!

Great job Bailee!!

As soon as Bailee's game was over, we raced over to the University of Maryland to watch Bostyn in her cheer competition.

Poolesville Falcons

Yay Bostyn!

Oh the noise level!

Bostyn's team didn't place, but they did a phenomenal job. The girls knew their moves and didn't miss a beat. I was so proud to watch my cheerleader!

Great job Bostyn!

Way to go girls! Dad and I are soooo proud of you both. You both did amazing jobs!

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Hanna said...

Thank you for hte lovely comment on my pinwheel cookies. You look you;ve got your hands full with a bunch of beautiful kids, congrats!

xoxox Hanna