Tuesday, August 30, 2011

There goes summer

After our trip to Utah, we had two short weeks before school started again. We did a bunch of activities and had lots of fun.

We went to a fun farmer's market. All the girls climbed the rock wall.
Hayden preferred the bounce house.

The bottom left picture is me. Heck yes.

Bailee got her knee stuck in the deck railing.

She's not in pain in this picture, she was actually cracking up. She pulled it out when the neighbor offered to bring over his chainsaw. Ha ha ha

We made cookies in the shapes of all 50 states.

Delicious and educational. Score one for mom.

We prepared for Hurricane Irene by hanging out on the roof.

Totally safe right? Right??

We finished up the two weeks with 2 fun-filled days (dripping with sarcasm) of school clothes shopping. Unfortunately no pictures of that. We were too busy trying on everything in the entire mall. :)

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