Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cabin Fever


It has been so cold out here the past few weeks, that we have basically turned into hermits. I've been working on some projects and I'll post some pictures of those later. For now, here are some pictures of what we've been up to.

Enjoying the frozen snow (I took pictures from the warmth of the house, those of you that know me well, know just how much I LOVE the snow..)

More boogie boarding on the ice/snow

Cleaning out the storage room....well, more playing than cleaning...

AND...trying to make our break into Hollywood!

The Discovery Channel came out to Chuck and Jeanette's distillery and filmed a bunch of footage. They are hoping that footage will turn into a miniseries! I just hope the next time they come out, they bring a makeup and hair team. :)

Chuck explaining the in's and out's of the pot still

Bostyn putting the corks on the bottles

Hayden and Grandpa running the line....a true family business.

January has been too quiet for us. I'm hoping February brings some warmer weather, so we can finally get out of the house finally!

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