Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer Catch Up

The past few weeks at the Miller house have been crazy!

The last week of school, Bostyn had an awards ceremony. We were very excited to find out that her fellow classmates voted for her to receive the "Most Supportive to Classmates and Peers." She got several other awards, but that one was the most special. Bailee finished out the school year with straight A's! She had a fantastic year.

Bostyn and her teacher, Ms. Thompson

On Father's Day, we moved to not only a new house, but a new state! We no longer live in Virginia. We now live in Maryland. We were sad to leave our new friends behind, but hopefully it won't take long to make new buddies.

After getting settled, we took the kids to the Baltimore Aquarium. It was awesome! They have three sections of cool exhibits and even a dolphin show.

Bostyn, Bailee and the bubble tanks

Hayden and the jellies

The new town that we live in offers a summer day camp program. I signed the girls up, so that they could start meeting other kids and get a jump on making new friends. It's a great program that offers crafts, games, sports and they even take the kids once a week to the community pool! The girls love it.

We are loving summer, but not used to the humidity. It has been in the 90's and 100% humidity! WOW. Big change from the dry heat in Utah. Maybe one day we'll get acclimated?

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