Monday, April 26, 2010

Miller Time

Sunday we went out to Uncle Mike's farm to celebrate Chuck (Jake's dad) and Nancy's (Jake's aunt) birthdays. I was asked to bring cakes, so I made a vanilla cake with raspberry cream cheese frosting and a chocolate/chocolate cake. Of course I also made my famous cake toppers. I made a cowboy with a bottle of moonshine for Chuck and a nurse for Nancy. They both turned out terrific. I spent several days testing out new methods to get the clay faces just right.

I think they turned out just great.

The party was a lot of fun. But then it's always fun when it's Miller Time.

Jay (my brother-in-law), me and my mother in law Jeanette

Jeanette and the birthday boy Chuck

Grandpa Charlie showing off his Gator...the ride started with one passenger and ended with 8

My not-so-little they grow up fast

Happy Birthday Chuck! You are my favorite Beverly Hillbilly!

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