Friday, August 21, 2009


My grandparents own land up the Ogden Canyon called Sourdough. They have had it for years and every August 15, we have a birthday camp-out to celebrate my Grandpa Fred's birthday. This year we schlepped all the kids up the mountain for a fun filled two days of campfire and four-wheeling.

Did I forget to mention the car repair? Jake's car wouldn't start, so he and Grandpa spent some time cleaning off the terminals. No luck. We had to jump it in order to get home.

Camping is great. Most of the time is spent sitting in a lawn chair or laying on an air mattress. This is my contribution to the car repair.

Grandma with two of her great grandbabies. She has a total of 8 with one more on the way. 6 girls and 2 boys.

And of course my beautiful Bostyn. She is modeling the newest camping fashions. ;)

Hayden all buckled up and ready to go home.

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Charity said...

sad we missed it - looks like a lot of fun. we really thought the baby was going to come sooner than he did. guess we could have gone camping after all. oh well. hindsight.