Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Weekend

After our last soccer game on Saturday, we sat around trying to figure out what to do. None of us had ever been to Zion Canyon, so we decided to head down south. We got up early Sunday morning and drove down. What an incredible place!

The first hike we did was called "Temple of Sinawava." At the end of the hike are the Narrows. Jake hiked in a ways, but we didn't think it was a good idea to take the kids. Lucky for us, at some points Jake said he had to swim through the canyon. Probably not a good idea with a newborn in a carrier.

The Narrows

The next hike we did was "Emerald Pools." This was a very steep hike, but worth the trip.

This is looking up at Middle Pool.

Mid-way through the hike, Jake realized that Hayden might be a little nervous. He kept grabbing Jake's shirt and looking up at him. He never cried though, just hung on for dear life.

This is at the top of the hike...Upper Pools. Absolutely gorgeous. Pictures do not do justice.

Mom and Haydo hanging out at the top. I got really sick at the top of this hike. I'm pretty sure it was altitude sickness. Once we headed back down, I was fine.

We stayed in St. George and spent Monday morning relaxing in the pool. Hayden was so relaxed, that he fell asleep in the pool.

Our last stop before heading home was Kolob Canyon. Jake said it best, when he said that the canyon reminded him of something straight out of Jurrasic Park. We both expected to see a huge dinosaur around the bend. Utah is an incredible place. We are very lucky to have such amazing things in our backyard.


landofnyedom said...

Awesome views. I've never been either, but I hope we can go someday.

UtahMillers said...

We might possibly be moving back east, so we are trying to soak up as much of Utah as we possibly can.